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Murder Mystery Paint Night

Murder Mystery Paint Night!

Celebrate your Valentines with a Murder Mystery Paint Night!  Once you purchase your tickets to secure your spot you will receive an email from us with your character information as well as optional dress ideas for your specific Character.  It will be a fun eventful evening filled with, painting, appetizers, and mystery.  Byob

Once you purchase your tickets, you will be emailed your formal invitation and assigned character aswell as optional dress attire. 

Game rules; The mystery is separated into three main rounds of party play.  During the party, you will receive an envelope that contains the clues necessary for your character for the round.  The clues for the characters at the party provide everything that you need to solve the mystery.  However, during the investigation segment of the game, you will need to ask the right questions and pay close attention to everyone’s clues to get the whole picture of what has happened.   In each of your clue cards, there will be some information that you can reveal in casual conversation with other guests.  It is just like real life!  You can elect to have some of those clues as information that you should be ‘asked’ by other guests in order to reveal.  You can hide the truth but do not lie and make up clues.  This could alter the mystery for the other guests.  Some of the information in your clue cards might be for actions to perform during certain rounds or it might give you personal information to explain to you how your character feels about certain issues involving other characters or situations.  This personal information is given to you to enable you to act as the real character.  As in real life, each character should know a little more about their character above the rest of the group.  Therefore, these types of clues do not need to be revealed to the other guests - unless you want to tell your secrets!  Don’t worry, others will figure your secrets out on their own in later rounds if it is vital to the mystery.  Just as with any normal dinner party, most of the party play will involve mingling with the other characters and finding out about each other's characters and the clues you all have received.  As the game progresses, you should have quite a bit of information to filter through to figure out the motive and whodunit!  Read your clue cards thoroughly and take your time discussing issues with other guests.  Make sure you speak to all guests in each round.  Any guests that you feel might be hiding something - make sure to ask him or her loads of questions!  You will be asked to submit a guess of ‘whodunit’ and why they did it at the end of round two.  Watch out…YOU could even be the murderer and won’t know it until the end.  Therefore, if you feel you are the guilty party by the end of Round Two – by all means, accuse yourself!  From this point forward, you are to remain in character until the mystery is solved.  If you are playing a ‘hypocritical police officer,’ then that is who you are until the end!   Embellish your character’s personality if you would like.  However, if you are feeling more reserved tonight, you can opt to allow the other guests to approach you or you can simply listen in on others’ conversations to get your information.    

Grab your friends and come join us for a fun and creative night out!  We provide all the materials and supplies and give step by step instructions so that you go home with your very own masterpiece. Perfect for date night, parties and more. No experience required! BYOB.

Terms and Conditions: No refunds, but we can offer a gift certificate for a future class if you contact us at least 12 hours before the class start time.

Cost $45

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Murder Mystery Paint Night